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Dewalt 611 wearing out brushes

What is the recommended speed? Medium? Is the lowest setting too low to cut hardwood?
Lastly, where do I get replacement brushes?


In general keep RPM at the Dewalt lowest setting (16k RPM)
This is plenty for most applications.

Amazon have replacement brushes for the Dewalt.

I haven’t seen any benchmark photos of how the wear is at a certain number of hours, so I thought I would post this. This is the old brush @ 250 hours compared to new. Spindle speed has never been over 1. (note- not long to go before it would have eaten into the lead wire itself)

-Just an FYI

By the way…This is an accurate 250 hours, not an estimate. I have an hour meter wired in parallel.


Remember to register your DeWalts - in EU you get 3 year warranty upon registration. But has to be done within ?30 or 60 days of purchase.