Dewalt 660 extremely loud

Guys I have a dewalt 660 on my machine. Is there anything anyone has done to muffle the noise from this guy ? I am afraid my neighbors are getting irritated. I’ve thought about hanging some foam or thick blankets around the walls of my garage to maybe help. Just not sure

Is the DeWalt660 30.000rpm only?
Do you need that rpm?

Reason for the question is that for most (*) cases the typical Dewalt 611 that have 16-30k rpm range, the 16k rpm is usually a little on the high side. For routing metals/wood/plastics even lower rpm may be preferred.

So your best noise issue might be looking at a new router to use?
Noise suppression is also good but in order to be effective takes up a lot of space. Making less noise during the carve may be the better way to go.

Dewalt 611 and Makita RT700 are both very good (can be had for around $100) and kept at speed setting #1 work VERY well. (Makita minimum RPM = 10k btw)

(* - some specialiced cases may benefit from 30k rpm, but is limited)

I switched from the 660, all the difference in the world

Thanks for the reply. Yes the 660 is 30k only.

I have no experience with Dewalt, only Makita and I run mine almost exlusively at 10k rpm, cutting wood / aluminium or plastics. At that speed setting the router motor noise is neglible :slight_smile: I would expect the DW611 to be similar/marginally more noisy at16k rpm.

Here is a Youtube video showing the DW611 / Makita side-by-side:


Good vid! Thanks!

Thanks Guys,
I went to harbor freight and got a router speed controller for 19$. was able to cut the noise down greatly. running about 15k rpm now and is very comfortable noise wise. i could probably lower down to about 10k and still be good on carving.

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