Dewalt Brush question

I apologize if this question has been asked before, I did search for it, but nothing came up.

So the question I have is what is the average lifespan does one get with the Dewalt 611 brushes? I’m just beginning this process and have only done a couple of short carves. I live not far from a Dewalt service center and know I can pick up brushes there.

This leads to another question…how many sets should I keep on hand?

Thanks for your input.

When it is time to change your brushes you will know. They start sparking and the machine will drop its RPM. How fast they wear down depends on many factors, including how much load the motor is under. If the motor is running properly there is probably no good reason to replace the brushes. I would have at least one set of replacements on hand.

Ronald make sure spell check isn’t changing the word Dewalt into something else.

There are plenty of hits under “Dewalt brushes”

I suppose this might also be related to my unfamiliarity to this forum style as well.

Again I apologize for rehashing something that’s been gone over before.

I guess Phil is changing his brushes out once a week if he is getting 150 hours on average from his brushes. :wink:


Keep them on hand my friend…

I have over 100 hours for sure on my xcarve, not sure the exact hour count. I’ve got probably 2/3 length left on my brushes but went ahead and ordered the 4 pack off Amazon a few weeks ago, just to have them on hand.

6 sets? That must be a typo. Must have ment 60 sets!!! :nerd_face:

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The ones I got on amazon seem to last longer than the originals …

Yeah yeah yeah. We all know that you spend more time on your machine than that. Your just trying not to make us all jealous of your relationship with your Xcarve. Lol

All kidding aside.

Phil, You ROCK!!

Keep up the good work. Keep it coming.

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Thanks all for your input.