Dewalt button holder

I just added a project that is a tool used to hold the Dewalt yellow spindle button so you can loosen the collet. This should help eliminate accidentally moving the X or y axis during tool changes.

A revision I have planned would move the handle to the left, to allow the dust collector to remain in place while using this.


Good idea and it’s probably pretty useful.

Also, as a helpful hint if you’re using an Xcontroller, search the forums for information about disabling auto torque reduction. Disabling that will essentially keep your X and Y from shifting.

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Thanks. I’ll check $1=255 and turn dip switches #4 OFF in the morning.


Tha’ts a nice one. I made a round one last year but mine requires a threaded insert and I used to leave it attached to the router which wasn’t good if you forgot to unscrew it, which I did once! Good idea and thanks for sharing!

Nice project. I shift mine all the freaking time. I think I need to upgrade the collet as well.