DeWALT D26204 Auto On/Off

I have the DeWALT D26204K which is the 230V equivalent version to the 611, any one can recommend a setup/diagram to do the auto on off for the router and dust collector?

I’ve seen the following diagram in some posts:

So would this relay work the same way? and is it possible to add the dust collector to the circuit?

No. That relay wouldn’t work. The control voltage is AC and too high a voltage for using the wiring diagram above.

In the diagram above the control voltage is 24 VDC.

Thank LarryM… How about this relay module? …sorry i’m not that into electronics :persevere:


Use one like this:

I bought the relay and used it with the same diagram, its working fine.

I’m not sure though how can I connect my dust collector?

The dust collector label indicates it is 1500 watts at 230 Volts. That would indicate that it draws about 6.5 amps.

I believe that the 120 volt DeWalt draws about 7 amps. That would be about 840 watts. If the 230 volt version has the same power rating that would mean that it would draw about 3.7 amps at 230 volts.

If you want to run both units on one relay (they both turn on and off at the same time) you would be drawing about 10.2 amps through the relay.

Both units will have a larger current draw at turn on time (called in-rush current), but you have 15 amps of headroom with this relay. I would think you should be ok running both devices with the one relay.

You could wire up a dual 230 volt outlet box so that you would have two locations to plug in the router and dust collector. Then you would control power to the outlet box with the relay.

This is my set up for controlling the spindle and dust collection at the same time. I am running a 40 amp relay. But what you have should work fine.