Dewalt DW660 in Europe

Just ordered the DW660 from Amazon - understanding that this is a 110V tool. Anyone have a tip on a good step down transformer? Can not find the wattage specs on the tool so I am not sure how “heavy duty” this transformer needs to be.

Any european fellows out there having done this already? Any thip greatly appreciated!


This router is available in europe, but it has a different type number.

Well kinda ordered it already so I need to figure out how to transform from 220->110.

Should be no issue but need to know how much wattage the dw660 pulls to order a good transformer

I have ordered a 100 Watt (goodbay) transformer at Conrad. May be a little bit overdosed, but it works for my Dewalt 611

Hi thanks
I cannot find anywhere the actual Watt that it will use - I find transforms like you are using @WolfgangEgger cheap on eBay - but 100W, is that really sufficient? Sounds a bit low so I am a bit concerned when running the DW660 for longer jobs.

Here’s the one I found:,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,0_0

There is also this 500Watter but that’s 55bucks,201527_2_71_72_73_74_75,0_0


yes, you were right.
I had my transformer originally for another tool and tried it for the 611. For short runs it worked fine, but on the first long run today, it stopped after some time :frowning:
So it should have more watts …

Yes 100W will not hold I guess…I assume it can be potentially dangerous as well, that little unit must get very hot?

I went for this one
A Topow 1000W. They shipped immediately and I hope the quality is ok!

Thanks @AngusMcleod for the assistance.