Dewalt DWP611 problems?

I’m hoping that I didn’t blow through a router after only like 10+ hours of use. But during my cut this morning, I happened to be right next to the x-carve, when the router suddenly revved up and shut down. I paused the program, and now when I manually turn the router on, it revs up to what sounds like higher than usual RPMs and then shuts back down. It will keep doing this over and over. I turn it on, it revs up, and once it peaks, it shuts down, and i can hear it making a little noise, like it’s trying to do something. Any one else have this problem, or even some advice. Im on the last pass of this project and would like to finish it. I know it’s not an easel or x-carve problem, it’s a dewalt router problem. Its a brand new router with maybe 12 hours on it tops. Thanks in advance

Dang, that’s weird! Mine hasn’t done anything like that at all (knock wood). I might try giving the RPM dial on the router a couple cycles top-to-bottom?

If nothing else, it’s still in warranty for sure.

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Sounds as if it needs a new set of brushes:

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Mine too just stopped running. The Chicago office is closed today. Did you call them for a replacement or anything? I just got mine Mid October of this year.

It was something faulty with the router, I don’t recall what it was that they replaced. I just called Dewalt and they had me take it to a certified service center 2 towns away. Works just fine now. Bought a second unit as a back up while mine was being repaired. I use the newer one in the x carve and the repaired one is out in the shop for random usage

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Mine just did the same thing this morning. The light comes on, but the bit never spins. I will pull it apart later and see what i find. hopefully it is something simple like brushes.

Must be brushes. Anyone using speed dial over 3, having same problem sooner. We always trying to tell people use it between 1 to 3.

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So just so I have it straight, no matter what type of wood I’m working with I can keep it turned down around the number 3 speed setting on the dial and be ok? Man that would help in a lot of ways.

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If you look at an actual spindle designed for CNC’s. Most have a speed range that Max’s at 24000. The #1 on the Dewalt is 16000. The fastest I have ever ran my VFD spindle is 18000. Most of the time I’m in the 12000 range.


wow, getting lots of replies to this thread from a year ago.
I found the work order, it said “speed module and magnet went out”. Hope this helps you all.

On a side note, mine just did go out again, the light would come on, but it the motor wouldn’t. waited a while and now it works again supposedly. i already swapped it out, but will check the brushes tomorrow. BTW, I do always run it on 6, maybe not the best idea according to you all?

Posts like yours help us when we have the same problems. I learned two good lessons out of this thread alone.

you and me both, running on 3 now, still works fine and a lot easier on the ears. sounds like my vac it louder than the router actually when i take my ear protection off.

My 90 degree V bit cuts like a razor on speed 3. Quarter inch spiral to cut plywood speed 2. Try, you won’t be sorry. I am the first Dewalt installer, haven’t change brushes yet.

I am trying 3 now. I do almost all hardwoods, hard maple and walnut mostly

Wow, thanks for posting this, my DeWalt 611 is doing the exact same thing. Spins at a really high RPM and then stops after about 3 seconds. How much was the fix?

Well I am the newest member to the high speed club … heading to 3 speed. Anything thing else we should be aware of ? orderig brushes as well, never new brushes went either