Dewalt DWP611 Router

I recently put in my order for the X-Carve 1000mm.
Thinking to avoid any spindle problems I went with the Bosch Colt trim router option.

Yesterday I went by my local home improvement center (Lowes) to pick up the router.
They had the Bosh Colt, The Dewalt DW660 and the Dewalt DWP611 in stock and I had a chance to really look at them.

For $40 extra the Dewalt DWP611 had more power (extra power is good but will the extra weight be a problem?), a variable speed control (nice, but I was planning on getting an external router speed control anyway), and 2 LED work lights (one of my first planed upgrades).

So I bought the DWP611. I am hoping the DWP611 bracket is available for purchase by the time my order is ready to ship. :wink:

I know some of you are already using the DWP611.
How did you mount it?
Anything I may need to watch out for?


You can probably mount it in the Colt mount with some shim material. They do have the mount for the 611 in now though and I had them switch my initial order which included the colt mount for the 611 mount since my order hasn’t shipped yet. Got a confirmation email that they would indeed do that for me. $.50 difference in price. I’d send an email if you prefer the 611 mount. Nice extrusion like their spindle mounts, with some tapped holes on the side for potential accessories.

I emailed customer support. They will substitute the mount as soon as they are in stock (which will be well before my order ships.) :smile:

And I found in another thread that the Colt mount will work on the 611.
So either way I will be good to go.

Here is a thread discussing some easy ways to make the 1000mm machine more stable. You’ll be fine with the 611 either way I think. It takes some time to get it dialed in and tightened up though.

Can you share some pics on the mods?

  1. Thicker, longer spindle carriage with three wheels
  2. 3/16 steel plate sandwiched between the x-axis slides and bolted together
  3. support for y-axis midway along the rail

So, is the DWP611 a good choice? I see them on sale for $89.

i have one already so thats why im wanting to use it. plus the LED lights underneath it is a bonus.

I have no experience with it. My last machine used a much bigger Hitachi MV12C. It was supposedly quieter and had a nice speed control compared to the Dewalt but it is 3-4 pounds heavier and has no LED downlight. I am in the process of constructing a mount for it to use with the modded x-carve. I honestly have no idea what will happen… I hope it works! I have a set of much larger Nema 24 steppers that I can install if it seems to be a problem. My 600watt generic spindle seems ok but needs a separate 90 volts dc power supply and I can still hear it labor a little during aggressive cuts.

So I got my x-carve and have been putting it together (YAY!)
But I had a heck of a time getting the Dewalt into the mount.
Did anyone else have any issue getting the router mounted?
I used a pry bar to spread the mount wide open but even then it was way to tight of a fit. :frowning:

Yep mine was the same way

Mine was a pretty tight fit, i just used a screwdriver to spread apart the mount. I ended up stripping one of the screws trying to tighten the mount. Need to get a longer screw

I have just received my mount for the Dewalt. It is designed to be tight but is simple to insert the router. I found a 5 mm thick strip of wood and inserted this in the gap along the body of the mount. It then increased the opening sufficiently to allow the Dewalt in with no problem at all. There is no need to force anything at all.


For those people outside North America (certainly Europe) you may find that the Dewalt 611 is not available in your country. This is the case for me in the UK but I now have the D26204 (the same router body is also in the D26200 and D26203) and it fits the X-Carve mount for the 611.

If you just want to buy this router for the X-Carve then the cheapest option is most likely to be the D26200.



Hi, i am newer here. I would like to know if i can use DW611 PK on X-carve kit. I saw the difference between them.
7.0 Amps1-1/4 HP16,000-27,000 rpm1/4"2"54" (standard), 4-3/8" x 5-3/4" (plunge)Yes - 12 position8.0 lbs. I weight are 3 lbs more. Does anyone know if possible?

Yes you can. The DW611 PK is the DW611 with some additional accessories.
It would be a bit of a waste as you just need the motor.
So unless you are getting a special deal on the PK, you are better off getting the plain 611.

This is the exact same motor, it just comes with additional accessories.

If you only need the spindle, then you will be wasting a few dollars buying this kit. But if you plan on using a Compact Router, then I would deffinetly purchase the kit. It is nice to have the interchangeable bases. The 611 is a very versatile router for its size. In my shop this small router has replaced nearly all of my larger routers except for the one mounted in my router table or for when I need a 1/2" collet. For now anything with a 1/4" shaft, is used with the 611. I like having the options of a plunge base and a regular base.

So if you only plan on using the compact router on the Xcarve buy the stock base unit. But if you want a light compact router with a plunge base in the shop get the kit.

My vote would be for the Kit.

Thank you AaronMathews. I want to buy the more cheaper. There are different model in my country (Brazil).