DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

Right now I am still on the fence concerning which CNC machine I want… The Shapeoko 3 (which I have a deposit on) or the X-Carve. I think the Shapeoko 3 is going to be much more rigid, but I guess only time will tell. The problem I have with the Shapeoko 3 right now is that it is available in one size and may have expandability in the future, but no one seems to want to say yet how far into the future. The extrusion they use and endplates are custom, so we can’t just order parts anywhere to expand the size our selves.

Either way, we can still be friends. :wink:

The X-Carve will not come with a spindle unless you pay for the 300watt spindle option. One way to mill a custom spindle mount on the X-Carve will be to make a temporary mount out of wood or HDPE. Perhaps cut something with a simple jigsaw and drill the mounting holes. Then use that to hold the router so you can mill a proper mount.


Hi Rick,

Thanks for all the excitement! There are 4 ways we are offering to mount the spindle on X-Carve.

  1. You can get the 300W 24VDC Spindle Kit which includes the 24V 300W spindle, custom mount, cap, wrenches, hardware.

  2. You can get the Bosch Colt Spindle Mount Kit which includes the mount, mounting plate, hardware but the spindle is not included.

  3. You can get the Dewalt DW660 Spindle Mount Kit which includes the mount, mounting plate, hardware but the spindle is not included.

  4. You can select “none” on the spindle options and order the spindle mounting plate and Universal Mounting Kit and you need to provide the hardware.

We are working on a mount for the DWP611 and should have an announcement on it soon.

I am literally in the exact same boat. I have my deposit down on the SO3 and I have been watching the forums like a hawk to see all the updates and info as it comes out. I think that there has been a lack of transparency on that side and have since decided that with the lack of upgrade options off the bat have driven me back to inventables. Now I look forward to 1000mm x carve.

Zach. That sounds awesome! I plan to get the spindle with the machine and I already own the DWP611 so i’ll keep my eyes open for that!

I am hoping to see some videos of the X-Carve working with a 1/2 to 1 inch thick piece of aluminum, as I hope to work with wood, plastic, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum and brass.

I want expandability and the ability to work with soft metals like aluminum and brass. Seeing it cut and shape aluminum would make my choice much more simple.


Hi Rick,

Your post motivated me to go into the office tonight to make a quick video of X-Carve milling aluminum. I did a circle pocket operation and used quite conservative settings. I had it going .1mm depth per pass and 157mm/min feed rate. Before working with aluminum I suggest reading these 10 tips from CNC Cookbook. According to the CNC Cookbook post I was probably going too slow and thus heating up the bit and dulling it. In addition you’ll want to use a sophisticated CAM package that can create helical toolpaths and graduated plunging. The toolpath strategy can have a significant impact on the results. Two examples of pro CAM tools that generate sophisticated toolpaths include MasterCAM and HSM works.

A number of people (Martin, Winston, Will) have posted milling aluminum with their Shapeoko 2 machines.

The best video I’ve seen was by Dottore Accipiter. If you want to get serious about Aluminum this is a strategy that you’ll want to look into. This video shows the 3rd experiment in applying HSM (high speed machining) techniques to pocketing 6061 with a Shapeoko 2. The settings were as follows:

Pocket dimensions: 25mm x 25mm x 7.5mm (1" x 1" x 0.3")
Toolpath: Helix to depth, 0.5mm constant engagement adaptive clearing (trochoidal) toolpath
End mill: 4-flute variable helix TiAlN carbide
Speed: 17.5K RPM
Feed: 450mm/min (18ipm)

You can see there is both aggressive chip clearing and lubrication which keeps the bit cool.

The mount we sell for the Bosch Colt fits the Dewalt 611.

We also have one coming soon that is more in the X-Carve style. It is a one piece extruded carriage. It is not an option on the configurator yet, because we have not received a prototype yet. We expect samples in about 3 weeks and production parts a few weeks after that. Here is a photo of the 3D printed prototype. It is hard to see, but the carriage plate in integrated into the extrusion.

Edit: Check it out in GrabCAD…or print your own :smile:

Wow this it’s really amazing. Not only do you have a plan for the dewalt but also that you have gone to great lengths on a weekend to prove the machines capability. You have my business. I’ll be ordering a 1000mm X carve. Thanks guys!

EDIT: Order placed.



Thank you for going out of your way to answer my question and creating the aluminum milling demonstration video.

The fact that you took the time to make the video in response to my inquiry goes a long way to show me what kind of attention and support someone could expect when purchasing from you.


That is indeed great news. Thank you for the information.


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Has there been any update to the X-carve mounting bracket for the 611?

I asked Zach earlier this week on twitter and he said “tooling has been signed off, now just waiting” So I look at this as good news!

The Dewalt mounts are in production and should be shipping to us soon. Our extruder is very busy working on this and something very exciting I can’t announce just yet. :smile:

Unfortunately that Colt mount is now out of stock. Any updates on when the DW611 mount will be ready? I bought the DW611 and ordered the wrong mount for it :-(.


Hi Bart,

Any update on this? I am really eager to get this mount.

Thank you,


I’d like to be notified with teh DWP611 mount is available. My DIY machines used the Hitachi MV12 and I grew accustomed to the power. I think the Hitachi is probably way too heavy for the x-carve and I like that LED feature on the Dewalt.

Any updates on availability Zach?

I would also like to be notified when the DWP611 mount is available if possible.

If you google DWP611 spindle mount you will find some other companies making/selling them. I haven’t checked to see if they are a direct-bolt option, but I’m sure you could email those companies and ask for the measurements to see if the bolt holes all line up.

Amazon has the Dewalt 611 for $99 right now on a Father’s Day special.

We have placed the order and paid for it but have not received them yet.

We will post alerts when they come in.


I didn’t have chance to watch this “quick video” earlier.
I think using wood cutting end mill. That cranking sound tells how much stress on it. Aluminum cutting bits are shorter blades and blade angles are different. Good aluminum cutting bit starts from $80, and if someone interested carving/drilling aluminum, must pay the difference. It’s not X-Carve capability, it is bit. Bit must chew aluminum with long helix pieces, wood bits only scrapping the pieces small particles, shaking spindle and showing X-Carve weak. I know lot cheaper DIY cncs are doing better job, because of bit difference. First chance, as soon as I install my DW611, I will put some video with my $138 bit to see how fast X-Carve can eat aluminium.


Will this DWP611 mount also work on shapeoko 2?