DeWalt DWP611 Spindle

611 mount arrived today. We need to finish testing, write the instructions, make the module and then we can turn it on to take orders.

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Throw one in the box with my 500mm order if you can. I’ll gladly test it for you. I have a Colt as well, but it is older than my 611, and the 611 is more powerful. Can’t complain about he LED lights on the 611 either. 4D

Hi @DavidBrown thanks for the excitement! If you want to add the new 611 mount please email help@ and they can charge your card and add it manually.

The forum is really meant for the community and help@ for transactional type requests.


Thanks. Did that yesterday, and of course got a “no” from Samantha as they weren’t in yet. Forwarded your email from today.

Ah. Sorry my mistake. Yes she can’t add it to your order until they add the part numbers in the bundle to our system next week. (Fasteners etc)

For other folks you may put your email in here to get notified when they turn it on.

It will probably be Monday or Tuesday.

@Zach_Kaplan Will this also be available to add to the X-Carve order options next week-ish? I was looking at some of the other mounts and could not cross reference the screws and hardware directly as some of the -XX sub part numbers didn’t exist, hoping it will get added so I don’t have to figure out all the extra stuff myself. :smile:

Also, I asked in another thread 3 days ago ( Water cooled spindle - #27 by DavidLovely ) but have not gotten a response, Will the 0.8kW 65x160mm spindle work with the X-Carve and this mount? I ordered the 1.5kW VFD as suggested but later found out that will not work. Trying to get it swapped out for the 0.8kW if that will work but the seller has yet to respond to my emails or provided a tracking number. I am planning on ordering the 1000x1000 but have held off since I pulled the trigger on the spindle and that turned out to be wrong, don’t want to make another mistake.

@DavidLovely it was my fault that the VFD was posted incorrectly. I posted a different model than the one we had tested.

Once the modules are entered into our system we plan to add it to the configuration page.

We bought some more VFD spindles to test to find the one that fits and works the best. I’d prefer to hold off suggesting a specific model until we test them a bit more.

It was 100% my fault that you ordered the wrong one. If the other vendor will not accommodate your return we will cover the cost for you.

Do you have any more info about the water cooled 0.8kW one you have already tested? My buddy has several large 4x8’ machines and runs the 1.5kW unit so when I saw that I decided to go with it. I’m fairly new to all this so never crossed my mind to consider weight an issue.

I think I recall that the 65x160mm spindle would work with this 611 mount if a shim is used, Was that correct?

Also was your 0.8kW test on a 1000x1000 unit?

Thanks again!

@BartDring made a spreadsheet with everything we tested so far X-Carve Spindles

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Hey Zach, any update on when we can purchase the X-carve Spindle mount for the Dewalt DWP611? Im dying to put this thing on my X-carve to see what kind of performance i can get out of it.

Are you planning on reselling the 800W VFD Spindle with a purpose built mount (it sounded like the 611 mount required a shim)?

We are buying a bunch of them to test and see what the requirements are. I’d like to figure out a reliable VFD solution that we can offer.

Hi Zach,
Do we have any update on my case. Sam is seems very busy. Can you please check it.

Any updates as to when this mount will be in the store for purchase? I’m dying to get this to upgrade my x-carve…

So i see the Dewalt 611 mount is in the store. Is there an ETA as to when i can order this? Really want this mount to get the new spindle on my x-carve please please please…

Well got my order placed just now. Was waiting for this 611 mount to be added this week but guess I will just order it later. Also rejected delivery on the 1.5kW spindle, and now the seller wants the original shipping covered but it was free shipping so waiting for their reply. Going to order the 0.8kW spindle from another place once I get my money back as the communication is bad with them.

@Zach_Kaplan I think I saw it mentioned, but were you planning on a mount for the 0.8kW spindles or would this 611 mount be best? Maybe you’ll have a new mount by the time my order ships :wink:

If I didn’t have a full time job, I would create a spreadsheet listing the diameter of spindles each available mount could accommodate. For instance, the stock spindle mount can expand quite a bit to fit the stock spindle, but also a Dremel. The big, generic block of aluminum Inventables sells can accommodate approximately 55 - 60mm (with a big old flat blade screwdriver to pry it open). The universal spindle mount can accommodate a wide range of spindle sizes… but I don’t have measurements. Then, people could just order the spindle they need.

Any updates on this. Customer service said it would be available last week for purchase but so far its still not.

@PaulKinlaw your day has finally arrived :smiley:

I got the “since you asked” email thanks to putting my name on the list. Kind of expected the one I already asked to be included with my kit to be shipped today though. Glad they are in. My 500mm is all done except for spindle… :wink: