DeWalt DWP611 Wattage?

Does anyone know what the total wattage of the DeWalt DWP611 is?

I looked on their website but there was no mention of it.

I do know that it’s 7 amps but I need to know what the total wattage of the router is. Thanks in advance.

Watts = Volts * Amps

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I think it’s rated at around 900 watts.

840 to be exact, but I’ll go with 900 just to be extra safe.

It’s 1.25 horsepower. That’s equal to 932 watts.

Phil beat me to it… :slight_smile:

Manufactures (marketing departments) vary regarding how to “rate” horsepower.

It’s rated at 7 amps max, so that would equal 840 watts.

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That’s the apparent power, not Watts.

The equation you’re using for power (W=VA) is for DC power. For AC power, VA is apparent power, or simply called Volt-Amps. If you want Watts, you need to further multiply by the power factor.

Or, since you don’t know that, you can error on the high side and use the only unit of power provided by the manufacturer.

Wow this is harder than I thought. LOL :smiley:

I contacted DeWalt and hopefully they will know.

Yeah motors also have the added wrinkle that they draw more power when they are first starting up (startup current). So you may need to take that into consideration if you are using the info for circuit breakers or fuses.

Update: according to DeWalt I was correct, it’s 840 watts.

According to DeWalt this is 2520 watts.

Yep, but only for the first half-cycle. Typically this would be between .5 and 1 second. I’m not really concerned about inrush as I’m building a battery backup system.

So thats why the lights dim when it comes on…