Dewalt Jtech laser mount

First off don’t mind my ramblings it was another late night build after a 12 hour work day. I finally got in the mood to make a proper mount for my laser. I wanted a one piece unit with simple installation and removal with as little wiring as possible. Here are the pics and the video is coming soon. This is my budget cheap skate build. cost 0 time who knows I am a scatter brain. I’m the guy that looks an hour for the roll of electrical tape that he has had in his hand the whole time.

What kInd of laser is it and how well does it work?

I woks great but have not really done much in the way of projects with it yet still testing settings and materials.
Here is a list of things i have used it for
cutting card stock to make stencils
photo engraving on wood and cast acrylic
engrave black marble
cut wood and plastic
etching glass still testing but getting results that are positive
etch anodized aluminium
paint metal then use laser to remove paint to make a image then acid etch
burnt the image of Jesus on a slice of bread
set a cardboard box on fire 10 foot away accident don’t ask
burnt finger once again don’t ask
first photo engrave

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Hmmm sounds like so good fun, aside from the burnt finger. :open_mouth:

I know you didn’t ask but i will tell. I was setting up the laser trying to focus it and did not realize the material I was using as a target was laminated with foil well the laser burnt through hit foil reflected back and burnt my finger

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Soon to be on ebay as a sign of the second coming. The burning cardboard is a sign of where many of us could be going…