Dewalt Router Just Quit!

If anyone’s dewalt router quits suddenly try to take the 4 screws out of the top and blow it out with compressed air and it should start working again I just thought I would share a problem that I had this morning lol

If you’re getting sawdust in your router housing, you need a serious dust collection upgrade.


really only 100-150 hours? I had to go out and buy a brand new router because it messed up mid job lol this is rather expensive with the purchases of 2 routers I now almost have spent the same amount a spindle and vfd would could cost lol


hmm well I have dust collection and there was not a whole lot of dust in the router I used compressed air to blow it out and a little bit came out the guy at the dewalt repair shop said he has never seen one wear out that quick its only 6-8 months old lol

I am just super disappointed with Dewalt right now I cant afford to replacing spindles every 150 hours I can do that in 2 weeks I know people that have had routers for 15 years and have never had 1 issue hmmm maybe I just got a bad apple lol

ok ok rant over :muscle:

You don’t have to replace the router… New brushes for it are only about $10 dollars.

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Oh yeah I would have loved to replace just the brushes but I was right in the middle of a rush job and every service center in my area had to order parts:(

So I was forced to buy a new router to get the job doneso I guess now I have 2 lol as the other one will get fixed for free in about 3 weeks


I just ordered this bad boy today I am extremely excited lol inventables makes a great tool for the money and I will still use it but this new machine takes me to an entirely new level and have a cnc router that is not so maintenance heavy :slight_smile:


I found your post super helpful. Actually the whole thread is useful for me. I’m relatively new to CNC. Today my DeWalt router stopped working (after about 5 months of heavy use). I immediately found your post and blew the dust out of my router (without taking the cover off). It worked for a couple of hours. I went out and got a Makita router because I can’t afford to be down right now. I can switch it out in seconds (and it fits better with my Shapeoko3 and the newest Suckit dust boot). So…back up and running. And I have a spare that I can work on in the meantime.

About the DeWalt, I took the cover off and blew it out again, and it works. For the moment. I will order brushes, and install when I have a time.

Thanks for your post.

I just replaced my brushes after 4 months. They were .35. Close enough to change. I now keep an extra set on hand

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Just curious: where did you get your brushes. I’ve not had time to search for those yet.

Just curious. After you use the Makita for awhile, wonder if you will ever go back to the DeWalt.

We’ll see.

Look at Phil’s post. Amazon has the brushes. Phil lists the exact item

There you go. Awesome. That is what I ordered


Oh yes sir I am glad to help I am glad you got the machine going again I was in the same boat when mine went out customer was very happy when I got the job done