Dewalt router upgrade

Here my question I purchased some bits and because I didn’t read the whole add when I received them they keep falling out of my Dewalt 611 then I noticed that the shaft is 6mm do they make a collet that will hold a 6mm shaft I have searched the internet every where and can’t find any. If not can someone recommend a different router that will handle both inch and metric sizes and is good quality not something cheap.


Yes they do. Elaire sells some very fine collets. Go ahead and order yourself a .125 and a 4mm to save on the shipping, (you will need them sooner or later).

Be sure you purchase the Dewalt Style Palm Router Collets


Thanks I just ordered all of them. I should have asked a long time ago instead of searching the internet.


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All of them??? Jeeze, kid. You don’t need ALL of them. Cancel that order and just get a 6mm and a 1/4". It’s a huge waste of money getting all of those collets.

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Wow haven’t been called a kid in a long time thanks. But you know what it’s not that much and with my luck the one I don’t buy is the one I’ll need. Bought some 60 degree v cut and didn’t realize I needed a 6mm. So like I say the one I miss is going to be the one I need. Plus I make enough money so I can afford it.

But thanks for watching out for me I appreciate it.