Dewalt speeds and feed

I thought i might work well if we had some place to all write speeds and feeds we have successfully used with various spindle combo’s after all time is money.

Example I use a

Dewalt 660 110 IPM in pine wood .3depth per pass 2 flute 1/8" end mill (cuts ez and smooth)
(has anyone pushed this combo faster?) (I would love to know!!!)


Good Idea, lets keep track beginning today.

I did find this from a different website:


Are you using the Arduino/GRBL based shield? At .3" depth I have not exceeded 60ipm. But I will now! Thanks for the update.

Yes I am on Pine wood! I am making an attempt at 150 IPM right now 1 hr of cutting down and so far so good!!

Feed and speed basic calculator based on Chip Load.

I found a basic Excel calculator and added a column to show the Dewalt Speed setting necessary to achieve the desired RPM. If the required RPM exceeds the 27,000 RPM limit of the 611 it will display “To Fast”. If the required RPM is below the minimum speed of 16,200 it will display “To Slow”. Otherwise it will display the speed setting between 1 and 6 (i.e. 2.5 is halfway between 2 and 3)

The first thing I noticed is that if these calculations are correct, I have been running my RPM’s way to high.

For example if cutting hardwood with a .125 inch bit the recommended chip size is between .003 and .005
To achieve that chip size with a two flute cutter moving at 100 inches per minute the RPM should be 16,667 or a setting of about 1.5 on the Dewalt 611.

For MDF with a Feedrate of 125 inches per minute and a .125 cutter the Dewalt should be set at 1 (so much for leaving it at 4)

Based on these numbers feedrates below 100 inches per minute with the 611 are producing terrible chip loads.

Does anyone know if the torque is acceptable at such low settings on the 611?

Please let me know if anyone finds an error with the calculations, they look pretty straight forward but wow these numbers are very different from what I have been using.

CNC Speed Calculator.xlsx (14.0 KB)


will this feed rate work on aluminium sheet…recomeded are 5 inc/min only…is it better to go faster feeds, and how about depth per pass???

What feed rate are you wanting to use?