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Diagonal movement

Just curious if adding a feature to diagonally jog the machine is possible?

I think it would add alot of easier movement.

Just curious is all

Yes, technically that would be possible, but Inventables would have to want to implement it. Maybe if there are enough people that would utilize the feature, it would get implemented.


Brandon Parker

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Can you think of a program that offers this feature? Of the many senders out there I can’t name one that has a built in feature like this.
I think the feature could actually cause more crashes into clamps though. Maybe if they were hidden and needed to be optionally activated, then that might make sense, kinda like pinning is.

I was just curious not demanding.

I know platforms like UGS, Gsender have these features. I’ve used them before without any issues.

Of course these are not cad software. But having the ability to jog diagonally does help with ease of movement.




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Hmm, I have UGS and don’t recall seeing that function. I’ll have to check it out now. I use OpenBuilds mostly and just jog x and y independently :man_shrugging:

I never jog diagonally either. Not sure why.

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Some of the pendant controls have diagonal buttons.

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