Dial Indicator Gauges

I’m looking into buying a nice dial indicator gauge to use with the X-Carve.

What should I be looking for feature / spec wise?

Why? Just personal preferance?

The digital readouts that I’ve seen go down to .0005’’ and come with a serial cable so that you can connect it to a computer or other device. I was thinking about connecting it to the Masso, but haven’t had time to look into it yet.

Do you have a dial indicator? If so which one? I saw a video where Charles said he had one from harbor freight, but I just can’t bring myself to buying one from there :grin:

I use digital calipers for thickness on the wood I use on the cnc. I use dial calipers for reloading hunting and competition rounds.

I also have the harbor Freight models. They work ok and for a cheap unit they are decent.

I have had good luck with the iGaging and Wixey brands.
With that said most of these are probably made on the same assembly line. Even the HF models.

If your not going to use it for awhile remove the battery, they do go dead often. When it comes to batteries I tend to keep my eye out for the digital T-Light candle sets. I found that they usually take the CR2032 batteries. I picked up a 2 boxes of 24 led t-lights for under $10 each and just used the batteries. The kids love to play with these “candles” as well with their toys.