Diameter wood

I have a 17 inch round wood that I want to carve, how do I set zero on it ?

I would find center and work from there

They do have circle centering tools which allows you to mark the center, I have one deigned here: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/l2Cmpx5mQtEwEUjdVkbKaA

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See the videos and images in this thread for tips on this.

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A fairly easy method is to draw a chord in the circle … say 8" across. Then draw a perpendicular line from the exact middle of that chord through the center of the circle. You can then repeat this a few times around the circle and where the perpendicular lines meet should be the exact center of the circle. I would recommend at least three to get a good reference.


Brandon Parker

Then there is always this option in the Triquetra Tool Box

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Or if you use Easel, Select the Left Front Corner XYZ with Offset option and enter the Radius of your circle as the Offsett value for the X and Y axis.

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