Did I pull the trigger too fast?

Ordering my machine as soon as my direct deposit hits, but I’ve been trying to pick up other necessary bits as I go.

I’ve given Drillman on eBay a chunk of change, but I have also ordered a Bosch colt and an assortment on Elaire collets to fit it.

Got the Bosch in, and I’d totally forgotten how loud 16000rpm is on one. I know the quiet cut spindles are quiet by design, but is the DeWalt on 1-2 speed drastically quieter? If so, I may have a colt and collets up for sale soon

I find the Dewalt noise level totally acceptable. My shop vac is MUCH louder and more fatiguing on the ears.


I second JDM. I can’t hear the Dewalt over the shop vac.

I third this! I planed on always having my dustboot and shop vac going until I realized how loud the damn thing is. I only turn it on and off as I need to collect big clumps of dust. If you are worried about noise I’d consider building an enclosure, otherwise earplugs are cheap.

Been waiting to use my dust boot until I build an enclosure for the shop-vac I got last black friday.
Anyone else built an enclosure yet? Any recommendations for acoustic foam?

I found some nice plans for shop vac enclosures on Google images

What exactly is this “google” you speak of? I’m not very good with the math terms.

My vac is actually awesome as far as noise goes. Quietest tool in my shop, and is a beast. Bostitch that I got at Walmart.

@JeremySimmons I have done pretty well with the super-cheap egg crate foam mattress topper. A full-size is a lot of material for a little coin

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Well,… Crap… Anybody want a zero mile colt and BOGO Elaire collets? I have a 4-month old whose sleep is crucial to my survival, as mama gets cranky…

I went with the Bosch because I’ve loved my Bosch stuff, and the only DeWalt I’ve ever had is a huge framing saw.

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The house could burn down around me and I’d sleep thru it… She gets it from her Mother :grin:

Main problem is the garage is directly under the bedroom

Sound (and loudness) is subjective. I personally think any router is too loud for a CNC. It’s one reason why I’ll be going with a water cooled spindle. You can check out the quiet cut spindle here, but some feel it’s more of a dremel on steroids than a full router, so make sure it will cut everything you want to cut before you order it.

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I’ve got a newborn she is 2 months now. I rock my machine almost 8 hours a day in the basement. She sleeps almost all day on the floor above. Run the machine above much as you can and they will get used to the sound aND sleep through it. Or maybe I just got a lucky baby.

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If your not familiar with Google, try bing.

Shop fox 1.5hp dust collector + Dewalt 611 and my “normal” music level is still louder. I do, however, wear ear protection because hearing is good.

I bought my xcarve from a former owner that swore by the bosch colt, but he ran it in a giant open space shop and in my tiny space it was unbearable so I got the 500W quiet spindle and its almost silent and seems to keep up with the cutting power, plus can be controlled via software to match material settings in easel.

If you don’t already have a router, you can spend a little more and turn that new colt into a plunge router and use it to finish the edges after cuts or put it in a router table.

The colt is my 8th router. I’m going to likely build an enclosure for it, as I’ve already started a full reboot of my garage/workspace.

I had considered framing in a separate “room” with a ceiling NOT coupled to the floor above as an alternative. Only sound would come through the air inlet vents and outlet fan. And the cost difference between that and ply/acrylic windows etc might not be bad

All of this points to the 10k rpm base speed on the Makita. And the body of it has a much larger engagement area for the mount. But, I’d have to use the Colt to make the Makita mount, then buy another router to pull that off… or try my chinese-makita-clone MLCS rocky 30

It’s in german but I think you will understand :wink:

WoW that HSD spindle is nice.