Did search still need fusion 360 assistance

Ok i use fusion for design and cam but on this project i need my starting position/ home to be center of the part as i will be doing other operations with other programs. so question is how do i set the wcs to start at center. I know this has been answered but i am just not understanding.

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If I am not mistaken, that point needs to be set in your CAM program before you save a tool path.

Is that gcode imported into Easel?

You will have to solve for the center of an equilateral triangle as it is not the same for the center of a rectangle.

yeah i imported it to easel cause it may be more recognizable to others to see what i mean.
and i will check into what you said thanks.
But i also have set the origin in the cam process and it still gets moved there is something in that operation i am missing. and i also still have to resolve the issue of fusion starting too far below the surface it is the only software i use that does this. Before these things were not a issue but the things i am doing now require me to resolve it.

had not thought about a extruded circle. i ended up making a square with thin walls around the object to get the point i needed then excluded the walls from the cam operation. thanks.

What’s you set up look like in Fusion? You should be able to set you origin to material centre, as long as your design is centred in you material in Fusion.

If you needed a custom start point, you should be able to insert a work point at the desired position and then select it in your set up in Fusion.

You set zeroing point under CAM, Setup -> Edit
Easel will regard the selected point as 0,0,0
F360 with these settings will use the center of the modelled stock as middle point, no need to make a separate sketch to find model center.

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Thank you all for the help. Now on th the next question. So when cutting soft items (wood/plastic) this is no issue but for metal this is a real problem how do i get the cut to start at the surface i have tried setting to model top and no good it keeps plunging below the the surface to start the cut. when i make a model it is always below the surface and not the top. Thanks in advance.

that would be fine but the end result is cutting to far down. so far my only option is to use a shim to correct the depth of cut when setting z 0. once again this i am sure there is a setting that i have not located to correct this.

Could you please post a screen shot of your settings / model?
Your description is to vague unfortunately - we can guess but with more input we can provide better output :wink:

yeah kinda thought that. ill get that done after work today