Did the default feed rate change?

Did anyone else notice that when they updated Easel for for 3d svgs that the default feed rate went way up? My normal feed rate for pine went from 45 to 90 in/min. Did this happen to anyone else or just me?


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is this in the 2.5d workspace or the 3d or both, and what bits? They have been adjusting default cut settings for the newer X-Carve off and on for a while now as well, it’s possible that you’ve got a machine setup as the newer X-Carve and they updated that particular bit with new recommended settings for that combo…

In the 2d workspace. And all bits, all woods. It seems they have all gone up to 70 or 90 in/min.

I didn’t change anything (same machine, same PC) the only thing that seems to have changed is the update to Easel.


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