Did the firmware upgrade and now the machine is acting weird with Chilipeppr

Hey everyone. Thanks again to everyone who has helped me get things working better.

Last week I did the firmware upgrade via Easel when I was about to engrave an enclosure. That project seemed to go fine. Then when I tried to use Chilipeppr, it wouldn’t work. I looked on their forum and they said there was a new fiddle for GRBL 1.1, so I’ve tried using that, but it still isn’t really working right.

When I did the upgrade, did that wipe away all my calibration settings? I’m afraid I neglected to do a backup of my previous firmware settings before I did the upgrade. Am I going to have to recalibrate all the axes?

What version weee you using before? The upgrade from the Xcontroller 1.0c to 1.1 doesn’t erase the settings but a 0.9j to 1.1 would erase the settings and put them as defaults.

I don’t know the version, it was whatever came stock on the X-controller when I got it last October.

If you changed the setting in GRBL during calibration then I would of course recheck them t make sure that they are still accurate. I do this periodically just to make sure anyway even when there have been no changes just for my piece of mind.

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That would have been v1.0c so it shouldn’t have been erased (mine weren’t).

What does “still isn’t really working right” mean?

It’s an issue with how Chilipeppr tracks the movement axes. If you jog the machine 1mm, it goes 1mm, but the readout on the jog controls says like 0.3mm or something. Therefore, the auto level is also off on its measurements, and even though that widget works, the adjusted Gcode is off. So it’s not a firmware issue.

Do you home your machine? (homing switches)

Is it maybe an inch vs. mm issue? Jogging is in one but reporting is another?

Could be if he is off by a decimal point 1 mm = 0.039 inches.

Should check his $13 setting.