Did the price just drop over $400?

I’ve had one in by cart for a month and keep going back and forth no pulling the trigger and noticed a huge price drop. Is it the same product now? It was like $1,500 before now $1,098.

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They raised it up like a month ago and then dropped it back. It’s marginally higher than it was in June when I bought mine.

WOW got mine a month ago and with shipping was $1700 that’s nuts!!!

Wow this is somewhat irritating that I also purchased mine and have had it less than a month…shipping confirmation on 7/19 and paid 1628 after shipping. Would have been a little higher but I left off the bits and tool kit. I would be a little more understanding if this was a promotional sale but it looks as if it is the current price. I definitely feel as if I paid a inflated rate.

Inventables, any explanation on how or why the price was able to go down this much?

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Hi Everyone,

We talked a little about the price increase and decrease on this thread.

The most recent decrease was because we’ve reduced the price ahead of some upcoming product news. You may have seen some of the hints on other parts of the forum.

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(Nose to the air sniff sniff) Do I smell a upgrade in my future? Better be that top secrete gantry rail I know yall hiding from me.

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Upgrades will be available…


(insert emoticon eating movie theater popcorn here…)