Did they forget something?

Hi all

Got my X-carve 1000mm in the mail today.
The only wasteboard that was included was a blue-ish board 1000x1000mm. Not the one in the pictures with the lines and numbers and the Inventables logo.
Did they forget something or am I missing something?

This is my list on my order:

X-CARVE 1000mm (New version) - IN-XCARVE1000 1 £1,764.57
Base Kit
1 x X-Carve 1000 Main Components £582.58 IN-XCARVE1000CC
Rail Kit
1 x X-Carve 1000 Rail Kit £183.75 IN-XCARVE1000RK
1 x X-Controller Kit £303.83 IN-30618-01
Waste Board
1 x 1000mm Waste board for X-Carve £65.00 RSV-WB1000ONLY
Spindle & Mount
1 x DeWalt D26200 - 900W 1/4" Compact Router (UK Plug) £151.00 DW-D26200
1 x DeWalt D26200 Spindle Mount + 1/4 to 1/8 Collet Adapter £32.83 IN-30610-02
Carving Bits
1 x End Mill Starter Set (1/8" shank) £39.42 IN-30651-01
1 x Bit Set for Wood and Plastic (1/8" shank) £25.33 IN-30652-01
1 x Bit Set for Fine Detail Engraving (1/8" shank) £41.33 IN-30653-01
1 x High Speed Steel 2 Flute Upcut Spiral £8.67 IN-26006-01
1 x Bit Set for Soft Metals (1/8" shank) £30.00 IN-30654-01
1 x Carving Bit Super Pack £65.42 IN-30736-01
X-Carve Dust Control System
1 x X-Carve Dust Control System (1000mm) £174.58 IN-30740-02
1 x 1/8 inch DeWalt 26200 Precision Grade Collet £23.50 IN-30635-01
1 x DeWalt 26200 Precision Collet Nut £19.58 IN-30636-01
1 x Wrench for DeWalt Precision Collet Nut £13.25 IN-30637-01
Power cord
1 x EU Power Cord IEC £4.50 X-EUCORD

Yeah when I bought mine from robosavvy it said they sourced a plain wasteboard from somewhere in the UK. I left it off my purchase as £60+ seemed a little steep for a piece of MDF with holes in

You are probably better off with that one as it looks like moisture resistant MDF.

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After assembly make a sharpie mount and put your own grid lines on that will match your axis.