Didnt cut all the way through in easel try this

So from time to time I’ll cut a outline and manage to not cut all the way through. So I would go back make the material deeper and run the whole cut over again, this ends up wasting a lot of time air cutting. What I do in easel go into custom cut settings and set the depth per pass to your new depth. Example: I ran the the code and it cut down 3.5 mm deep at. 0.7 per pass but it didn’t cut all the way through, so now I will set my depth to 4.2mm
( 3.5mm + 0.7=4.2) and set the depth per pass to 4.2 mm in custom cut settings. This will eliminate the need to run the whole code again and go right down to 4.2mm in one pass . Just don’t forget to change it back when you’re done . Any body else have tips/tricks for this let hear them

This conjures up some images…

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I use blue painters tape on the waste board and material sandwiched together with a layer of super glue. I measure my material and set my material thickness to match that exactly. When I specify a ‘cutout’, it also matches the full depth of the material thickness. When it cuts, the Z axis barely skims the blue tape, but it cuts it out completely every time. I NEVER use tabs, the tape always holds everything down. Just my process, but it works.


I also use the tape super glue method I have a laminated board that sole purpose is this. Have you been able to find a fairly good supply of the cyano and activator? I find plenty of the glue just hard to come by the activator.