Difference in dept of carve from left to right

My machine just sarted not carving as deep on the right side of the board ? I do not know how to adjust this. The table is flat and leveled, my work piece is flat and leveled, the space between the table and the horizontal bar is the same on bothe sides… I need help!!! Thanks all

Skim cut it.
There is a height diference there, if its small skim cut the wasteboard. If its a lot adjust the waste board relative to Z as precise as you can, then skim cut it.

Is your material even in thickness?
Most rarely are.

My material is perfect as thickness goes and the difference in hole depth over 12 inches is close to .4 inches. Also everything was fine yesterday, I made multiple repetitive games and then chaos….

Something is slipping, holding the axis back or stalling.
Check all set screws (unscrew them and thread them back in with Loctite.

Any deviation is either due to

  • code (worked yesterday, not dont indicate its not code)
  • mechanical factors (most likely so you need to take a look over of your machine)

I did a test run this morning copying part of the file and it worked fine, I then recopied the entire file and same problem… I’ll check the machine again. Thanks

It’s like the machine is thinking it’s going up hill from left to right ?

Check the set screws that hold the pulley onto the Z screw.

It does not seem to be a hardware problem as much as a software one. The router starts working before it hits the wood as if it is thinking it is lower…

The router has to start before it hits wood.