Difference in height between the left and right sides

There’s a difference in height between the left and right sides.

So, when carving, the left side is cut more and the right side is a little left.

How can I fix it?

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although it would be nice if those all matched up, they don’t actually matter until the wasteboard is surfaced. . .

Please note: the text included is actually incorrect… the Spindle and Gantry should be Squared AFTER the board is surfaced. they cannot be squared to an unsurfaced board.

Here’s the link to that section:

Here’s some more of my favorite videos discussing Tram & Nod. although these aren’t your specific cnc, the concepts and methods discussed are applicable to every cnc machine.

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I’ve tried everything.

i think my ‘Wide MakerSlide’ is twisted.

No matter how hard I try, both directions are not leveled with the board.

Have you surfaced the wasteboard?

Like Seth said you must level your waste board. I got rid of the stock one and made one with t track and easily changeable MDF runners.


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