Differences between Easel and Pro

Do I have to get a subscription to Pro to use two stage carving, detailed preview, and multiple toolpath generation? Or are these just Easel upgrades, with Pro adding V carving functionality?

Is there a list of the differences between the two versions?

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Thanks Robert!

From what I have seen so far,

if your carve button has the word pro before carve then it is using the pro features and will count towards your 4 free carves for the month.

if your carve button just says carve it is the same as always and you do not have any pro features in your carve and it will not count towards your 4 free carves.

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And fonts. Can’t forget fonts!

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ooooooooooo the fonts lol 200 of those bad boys so the customer can change there mind about 185 times when your trying to get the job done lol


I used to run a print shop. We had our customers sign a final proof sheet. All changes were final at that point. Saved our butt more than a few times.

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4 free carves, or four 24hr blocks of time to carve? My carves dont take that long :slight_smile:

4 blocks of 24 hours.


Two stage carving, detailed preview, and multiple toolpath generation are all part of Easel.


These are not actually pro features Zach, these are actually just improvements to their existing free software. Which is great, but when you think of it these should have definately been apart of the pro.

Correct these are not part of Easel Pro. Feed Rate Override is also not part of Easel Pro it is in Easel.

We are working on improving both Easel and Easel Pro.


Good stuff! I like your work.

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This is why I love Inventables. Ask a question on the forum, the CEO answers.

Thanks Zach (and everyone else who answered).


Glad we could help.

do i need to update my arduino to use the override feature?

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Feed rate override is a feature of grbl 1.1f

If you want to use that feature you would need to upgrade the firmware on your X-carve and update your G-code sender to one that supports the 1.1f changes.

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So…I literally spend 2 hours trying to make a simple ring (with no middle) so I could combine a monogram to the middle - no luck! So…I broke down and spent the money (which I really didn’'t have to spend) to upgrade to PRO…well…I don’t see ANY DIFFERENCE. And I STILL cannot make my ring to put a monogram in…Probably going to ask for my money back!

All Easel users are granted 4 free days/month of Pro-time :slight_smile:

You may find some relevant info regarding monogram workflow with this search result:

@PatriciaCarr. Look at combining problems June. Shows exactly how to do it. Any questions just ask