Differences in old instructions and 2.0 build

Okay, so I ordered the new x axis makerslide and all the hardware to do the upgrade to eccentric spacers. While removing the v wheels on the bottom of the y axis to put the new spacers in I noticed that my screws were inserted opposite of what the picture showed. At first I thought I just put everything in backward. So, I went back to the old instructions and noticed that I had installed them correctly according to the old instructions. Does this make any difference? Why are they different from one version to another? Have a look:

Old instructions for Y axis plates:


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Hi Phil! So does it matter which way the bolt is facing?

It doesn’t matter with Eccentric spacers. The first machine used eccentric nuts. So they had to be on the outside of the plate to accomplish its duel purpose. (Tightening the bolt and rotating to tighten the v wheel). I thought that it was a rough look for the machine with the bolts sticking out the side. But had little choice. I’m sure that’s why they did them the opposite way this time. J

Thank you Curtis!

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Thanks Phil! Sorry about that I’ll remember to next time.

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