Different bits in Easel

So I have a bowl bit, a burr bit, and I’m considering purchasing flattening and engraving bits, but none of those seem to be listed in the Easel software bit selection. When I want to add a bit, the only options are the size of the bit, not the physical characteristics.

Of the two solutions that I can think of, do either of these work:

Is there a way to use a different kind of software with the x-carve?

If not, is there a way to add the distinct characteristics of these bits to the functionality of Easel with the CNC?

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Easel has its limitation with cutters its a great software for those that are just getting started in the cnc world.

as for cam software you can others also, like Vectric, fusion 360

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The bits youve listed would all be entered into easel as endmills as for the subtype from the available options, well they dont actually effect the toolpath, so pick whichever you like, just give the bit a name you can recognize.

Easel will not display the radius of the bowl bit and depending on how you intend to use it you may need to adjust the stepover by going to machine>general settings and adjisting the stepover percentage. To high of a stepover and you will get visible scallops…

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