Different controller

Can anybody suggest a Different Controller, I have had issues that cant seem to be repaired Inventalbles wont sell just the control board. If I have to spend $300 more dollars I may as well go in a Different Direction

sale your controller for parts and MAKE YOU OWN WITH an Arduino.

  • 1x Arduino Uno R3
  • 4x TB6600 Drivers
  • ​1x 24VDC 15 Amp Power Supply (Mean Well or Similar Recommended)
  • 6 Wire Ribbon Cable or Hookup Wire

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The demon controller that cnc4newbie sells has worked well for me. It is made by Phil Johnson who is well known in the CNC world

Get a 36V PSU if you go with TB6600’s

The Demon shield made it a breeze to make my own controller.


@RichardKraniume Are you Phil?

Lol I wish! I am a customer of his. And he helped me through my issues.

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