Different programs and file types

Does anyone know how to use a type .NC file with the x carve? please help.

.NC is probably Gcode which Easel can import and send or UGCS can send as well.

But just having a NC file doesn’t guarantee it will work. The Gcode would have been needed to be processed correctly for it to work on the Xcarve.

.NC file extension generated for NC Studio Cam program, which can easily override all Feedrate/Spindle speed/arcs ETC by the choice. Since you don’t use NC Studio those variables will be carried over cad/drawing software you’re using.
That means, like Phil says, you can change extension to anything suitable for UGS or Easel.
I would say open and check spindle start stop commands with Note+ or any file editor.

so are you saying I need to remove the spindle commands in order to run it? I’m using a dw611 spindle. I did try opening it up in easel and it kept giving me an error

I ment If you are using UGS, you better check if you have spindle start and stop. Of course you need it if you have relay connected Dewalt.
My big machine controlled with NC Studio, I am starting spindle manually, because 3.5 KW 3 face spindle can not wake up as quick as Dewalt does. That’s why NC toolpath doesn’t care if auto start is there or not.
I hope this clears.

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.nc is a file extension used by many softwares. It is a plain text file (ascii text, no formatting) it is generally produced by a post processor for a particular machine type.

The X-Carve does not use “standard G-code”, it uses only a subset of standard G-code. it has no canned cycles (G81,G82,G86). It does not recognize T codes which can also include a radius identifier. It does not recognize radius compensation (G41/G42 and G40). I think it does understand circular interpolation (G2/G3) but I forgot how to set it up in the post processor (depends on the software used).

The thing to do is look up the g-codes that the x-carve can understand and edit out what can’t be used. There is a list but I don’t have a link right now. use an ascii text editor only (no word processors). Good luck

Alright that makes alot more sense. I had a file editor that I used the first time I tried messing around with it but now Everytime I get in it it shuts down. I’ll get a new one. Thank you all so much you all have cleared alot of problems I have had!

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