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Different Types of MDF?

I have been cutting small signs with MDF for over a year. I purchase the MDF at Home Depot and I have always been happy with the results. During my most recent purchase of MDF I notice a slight color change (looks a little bit like brown corrugated cardboard and less “yellow”).

My problem is the new cardboard-colored MDF tears and the edges are noticeably rougher than the yellow-colored MDF. The newer brown MDF just seems softer and less dense than the older yellow MDF. Does anyone know if there are different grades of MDF? Home Depot didn’t change their description of the new MDF.


Simply put, Yes there are different grades based on the density or amount of fibers in the board…
There is a point where the higher density changes names to HDF and low density typically changes names over to particleboard and they use larger chips.

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