Digital Caliper

This came up in my Drafting and Design class today. We thought this would be good for measuring parts and importing them into a file such as Excel.

Unfortunately, i do not have the knowledge or experience capable of understanding what is fully needed.

Can any one help assist with this project? or give ideas of how to better incorporate it into CNCing?

Much appreciated

It doesn’t seem super complicated to read the data from the calipers, but it’s not clear how useful it really is. Importing into excel etc., is all possible, but is it really saving work over typing in measurements? I can’t imagine much, if any.

By incorporating these (if they can be accessed like the others)

Then we could give an actual readout monitor similar to this.

This is where I am headed. But I still want to be able to feed this back to a data sheet for record keeping. I have other thoughts for uses as well that an automatic import would be nice.

Thank you for your thoughts though.

with a system like rockler or some other digital readout it isn’t to expensive. But there is no feedback to the controller. If you want feedback, teknik clearpath servo motors only can be controlled by an arduino (as far as i know) with step and dir signal. And they give feedback if the position of the motor is wrong.

Found a little more info on the iGaging sight.