Digitizing Probe for X Carve?

After searching the forums I haven’t found any info other than for the Z-Probe…which is not what I’m looking for.

I’m a hobbyist woodworker/guitar builder wanting to get into CNC and looking at getting the XCarve for my shop. I have multiple MDF templates and trying to find a way that I could digitize them for carving later. After some internet searching I’ve found information on probing but nothing that seems to be compatible with the XCarve.

Is there a solution out there I’m not finding that could do this?

Part of my job is to digitize parts so we can convert them into various formats for our engineers to work with in CAD. It takes someone with a CMM (coordinate measuring machine) or on the cheaper side a Roamer Arm and the software that allows reverse engineering. We don’t accept walk in customers. We charge a premium price around $100 dollars an hour when I do have to preform this task. My specific machine is a Brown and Sharpe Scirocco with capabilities of reading down to .00001". It takes the engineers several hours if not days to translate the digital image into a working CAD model.

You need to find a CMM supplier and see if they have a list of contacts that perform this service. It won’t be cheap.

There’s was a software based digitizing solution out there called 123d Catch, which is now Autodesk ReMake which looks interesting. It involves taking a bunch of photos of the object from multiple angles and the software stitched it all together to make a 3D model.

It can be found here: https://remake.autodesk.com/about

As I recall from my limited shark days, Next Wave Automation did offer a digitizing probe but it was expensive, and prone to breaking. But from what I remeber when it did work, it worked well.

Check out EstlCAM. It can do this.