Dimension issue from inkscape to Easel

I’m having an issue with my dimensions after importing an SVG file from inkscape into Easel. I created a .dxf file at 1:1 scale in Solidworks, and then opened that in Inkscape (with a manual scale factor of 1). The dimensions look good in Inkscape, and the only change I made was setting the stroke width to 0.01mm. I saved the file as an optimized SVG, and then imported it into Easel. The outer border of the part should be 350mm x 65mm, however it is now 330.1mm x 62.9mm.

Totally separate question: Is there any way to edit the order of operations that the machine carries out? On the first part I made, the outer border was cut before all of the inner cuts were made.

I’ve seen the scale issue. The easy way to fix, for now, is to draw a rectangle around your parts and then scale it all in Easel to what the rectangle should be. You can then delete the rectangle.


That’s what I do. Its easer than trying to track down the conversion.