Dimensions for internal or external?

When designing a cabinet, the dimensions I’m specifying are for the external measurements? I should be adding/deducting product width in the need for an exact internal dimension?

If I’m doing blind dado or inset on the construction, how much do I compensate for the loss on product thickness for to be sure I’m dead on for that specific internal dimension?

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…dimensions entered are external.

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Hey there!

Apologies for the delayed reply. Yes, the dimensions in Easel Cabinetmaker are all external unless otherwise noted.

We typically For blind dado construction, we factor in a tolerance of 0.03" by undersizing the rabbets by 0.015" and oversizing the dados by the same amount. Our testing has determined this to be a sufficient tolerance for plywood to produce a snug but not overly-tight fit.

It is important to note that the exact geometries and dimensions for rabbets and dados are calculated when the project is nested. If your material is not exactly 3/4", we recommend measuring the material with calipers and entering the exact thickness in the material fields in Easel Cabinetmaker. If the project has already been nested, it can be re-nested with the appropriate material thickness by selecting “Replace existing workpieces.” If you nested your workpieces with the material set to 0.75", and then change the material thickness of the workpiece in Easel (without re-nesting), the joint quality of the end product may be impacted.

I’m sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner. Thank you for sharing your questions and feedback! Please reach out if anything else comes up!

Could you give me a quick example?

If I’m using 18mm stock for sides, top, and bottom, 12mm for the back. Blind dado all around, and I need it to match up the dimensions shown. The cabinet should be 17" high otherwise.

What would you punch in for the cabinet?

Then I’ll know I’m caught on.

Thank you.