Diresta Tool Tote

Jimmy posted a photo on his instagram of a tool tote he made on the x-carve for a video he will release next week. Did a quick remake of it in CAD and easel, using a dado for the bottom (I think he likely fastened his directly to the base. I have not made this yet - will tomorrow, but the project it up if you are interested.

His instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimmydiresta/

my quick remake:


On it like crazy! Nice remake there. I love that guy he has some of the most insane ideas some days.


Here’s a great idea for your next $100 Inventables Incentivizer! A tool or six-pack tote. Same rules as before. Whaddaya think?

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Some sanding needed, and tabs failed on the base, but it fits. Time to sand it…



Love that font! I’m working on my own fancy-schmancy tote design. I’m hoping that @Zach_Kaplan will do another contest…:sunglasses:

Love it!

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