Disable Smart Clamp check for Carvey

I love Easel and now that it has the “workpieces” concept, it is such a pleasure to use.
However, when I import g-code from some source like Fusion360, I hate (really!) when Easel tells me that I cannot import my g-code because it falls under the smart clamp.

It is probably a 10min job for @Zach_Kaplan to add an option in the “advanced” menu to remove this check (or make it a warning instead of an error).
And it would save me HOURS of having to redesign in Fusion360 and try again, over and over until I have a design that Easel accepts… even though I know I won’t use the Smart Clamp anyway!!

Can you please please please take the time for this tiny change? :pensive:

PS: if not many ppl talk about this issue, it is probably because most ppl on this forum use the XCarve and not the Carvey, I suppose

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This will be a topic that I get interested in very soon. I do most everything on a 1000mm X-C but I am going to be running more through Carvey soon.

I’ve to learn all the ins and outs of a new machine.

@JDM great!
Feel free to ask me questions directly if you have any.
I have been using the Carvey for 1 year now and I think I’ve come across most scenarios and found work-arounds for most limitations!