Disabled Vet needs help with assembly of xcarve system

I live in Sumter SC. I am unable to continue finishing the build of my xcarve machine and related items. you can contact me at reconisbest@yahoo.com. thanks everyone!

Hello Jerry!, thank you for your service and welcome to the forum,
What are you having trouble with?

It’s not that I can’t figure it out. I cannot physically do it. Thank you for trying but I really need someone that will finish the build that I started. its almost complete. I just had Brain surgery and my bits and pieces don’t quite work right yet. sorry for wasting your time.


Ok, I hope you find someone to help you. Don’t give up!!
Good luck

If you don’t find any assistance, I will be down that way in September to go to the Myrtle Beach car show and visit my mom. I will come help you. Car show is the end of September, cancelled or not I am going keep in touch if need be I will help you. Steve


I too have family near Myrtle Beach. I’m hoping to get down there either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Glad to help if needed.


I sent you an email. We are in Indiana but my husband is army so he could reach out and find someone nearby to come give you a hand if you still need it.

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