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Disabled Vet needs help with assembly of xcarve system

I live in Sumter SC. I am unable to continue finishing the build of my xcarve machine and related items. you can contact me at thanks everyone!

Hello Jerry!, thank you for your service and welcome to the forum,
What are you having trouble with?

It’s not that I can’t figure it out. I cannot physically do it. Thank you for trying but I really need someone that will finish the build that I started. its almost complete. I just had Brain surgery and my bits and pieces don’t quite work right yet. sorry for wasting your time.


Ok, I hope you find someone to help you. Don’t give up!!
Good luck

If you don’t find any assistance, I will be down that way in September to go to the Myrtle Beach car show and visit my mom. I will come help you. Car show is the end of September, cancelled or not I am going keep in touch if need be I will help you. Steve


I too have family near Myrtle Beach. I’m hoping to get down there either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Glad to help if needed.


I sent you an email. We are in Indiana but my husband is army so he could reach out and find someone nearby to come give you a hand if you still need it.

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