Disabled veteran looking for a used machine


My name is Robert. I am a disabled veteran who resides in Cincinnati Ohio. I am starting a woodworking/turning group in my home/ garage for disabled veterans like myself as a form of therapy,relaxation,and hopefully help them to learn to love life again. I am new to the cnc world so bare with me. I am looking to purchase a cnc machine. I would preferred to find one within the state of Ohio so I can come see it to make sure it works before I purchase it . I just went through a terrible experience with purchasing something out of state that was sold to me broken and unfixable. I am not saying that would happen here but I just have to be more careful about purchases. Live and learn I guess. I am looking to purchase a CNC machine that is complete . I have a laptop that I can use to run the software but I would like get to come with everything else I would need to get started . If anybody has any ideas or knows anybody who selling one can you please message me . Thank you in advance and have a nice day .

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Hello I have a 1000mm x 1000mm I live in Illinois and I can send you videos of mine working and I can deliver fully assembled it works great