Disappointed with 2.8w JTech Laser

Anyone else disappointed with the JTech 2.8w laser module, namely the cutting capablilities?

The website states it can cut both 3mm ply and acrylic. I have only managed to cut glitter acrylic and the laser shielding supplied by JTech. Anything else, forget it. As far as the ply goes, not even close.

I have tried many different variations in power, speed, passes etc, but not very happy with the results.

Jay did supply some settings to try, but no good.

Laser engraving works great, by the way

The laser is not really meant to cut. It’s strong suit is engraving. If you look at the Jtech website, you will see that multiple passes, even on thin items, are needed to cut.

If you really want a laser for cutting, you will need to invest in a 40 watt or higher CO2 laser system.

I realise that you may well need multiple passes to cut, and I’m happy with that, but my point was that it doesn’t cut, as claimed by the website

Only claims to be the 3mm of materials with slow and many passes. It’s the higher end lasers that will cut materials fast because of the co2 or fiber lasers that are out there that are made for it. For a engrave laser it’s the best around I think since it’s cheaper and your not buying a machine other then the x carve to make it move.

Exactly what I stated in my original post.

But even on their YouTube videos and on line they have stated it’s with many passes and won’t cut anything that is thicker in size. For foam or thinner pieces depending what it is will cut but it’s more of a engraver as it’s stated on their website.

I’m just stating what has been said on their videos and on the website. I’m not starting a fight with you when I just answered a question.

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Exactly, it’s not a co2 laser but a really good engraving laser that can do alot of work for branding or like photos depending how much it’s dialed in and the set up working for it.

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Have you checked your focus and Z axis distance? You need to really fine tune this to the optimal distance and also focus, i have cut maple veneer with two passes with great efficiency and quality. I have also cut some acrylic but was a long time ago, so I don’t remember.

Try checking your distance first, then your focus, and then make sure you are outputting full power.


Yeah plus others have made their own frames at a smaller price range also. I’ve seen on open builds it’s cheap for their laser kits also. Could turn it into a nice plasma table with the right controller and water table welded up.

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I bought a $400 forty watt China laser and it has limitations too. I’m definitely getting good results for what I use it for but I’ve had to modify it get what I want. All said I’ve spent around $750 total for a 10”x12” work area. I did a ton of research and knew I’d need to spend more on mods before I bought it. No regrets and runs great.

The key to success is thorough research before the purchase.

yeah and by thorough research he means look further than what the manufacturer claims.

There have been lots of topics on here about this.
anything diode based = engraving

still you have a great product, engraving is very rewarding


Hold on. I think everyone has missed the point of this thread and are wrongly jumping on the OP.

Clearly the OP did his research and the manufacturer states that it can do X. It’s not doing X.

It doesn’t sound like he’s trying to do anything outside of what the manufacturer states can be done. So why is he at fault?


Ok, here comes another flag for inappropriate posting.

Justin has a good point, and so does Sam.


I apologize for getting off track.

I’m not faulting anyone for anything. All I said in a nutshell is that I didn’t purchase the jtech because I needed a 40W laser to do what I needed to do. I made my decision based on thorough research.

Sounds like jtech has some explaining to do?

Fun facts based on my k40 laser research:

  • Just under 40% of the k40 lasers purchased do NOT work or have serious flaws when they arrive.
  • Critical to select a reliable seller.
  • Controller boards are unpredictable and may fail or burn up.
  • Software works but does not get good reviews.
  • Expect the laser tube to fail sooner than later.
  • Expect the power supply to fail or be under powered.

So based on my research I bought the machine anyway. I knew what I would need to do and how much it would cost to fix any issues found. I’m $1,750 ahead based on my decision not to buy a $2,500 name brand laser.

None of my information came from the manufacture or sellers website.

my K40 tube failed literally yesterday. Well something broke off, so I consider that failing…

I know of people that cut 3mm ply with a diode laser in several passes. It’s not unheard of, it’s just very impractical.
That and companies tend to oversell their product. Or at least stretch the truth somewhat to their favor. That’s why you should always look to more objective sources other than the seller.

Thank you Justin. Exactly what I was trying to point out. I did do my research, and if the website states it can cut 3mm ply, then I expect to be able to cut 3mm ply

From what I’ve read, Jay seems to be a pretty stand up guy and backs his products. If you are truely dissatisfied I believe that he would try to work out a resolution or compromise that will address your issues.

You might try and contact him to see what he can do for you.


Thanks Kiko

I have tried many variations of z height, speed, power. I have the focusing right, as engraved text comes out very crisp.

More experimenting this weekend, me thinks.:grin:


I want to chime in and say not all 3mm ply is created equal nor is acrylic.
Even with my 60 watt CO2 laser, I cannot be sure that I will get consistent cuts on anything!
What I mean is that I always try and use the least amount of power to get the job done. When I am dialed in on a test piece of the same material, all is well. If I change to a different piece of the same material from a different source, I might not have exactly the same results.
Yes I can always increase the power and cut through anything but the end result might not be pretty!