Disconnect Without Closing Easel

At times I want to jump from Easel to UGCS and then back but I need to disconnect before UGCS will function. I know in UGCS I can connect and disconnect by clicking the button but is there a way in Easel I can do that without closing the page(s)?

My internet connect is very slow so re-opening Easel and logging back in is a real pain.

I switch by leaving the browser open and disconnecting the USB connection then plugging it back in. It disconnects Easel and allows USG to connect. When you go back to Easel by disconnecting from UGS, Easel will ask you if you want to Home the machine or just Unlock without Homing. Easel will now be connected.

Thanks, I give that a try.

Won’t seem to work for me. As long as the browser is open, as soon as I plug the cable back in it connects to Easel and UGS can not connect.

Make sure to minimize the Easel window, then disconnect, fire up USG and reconnect.

SUCCESS! That was it. I wasn’t minimizing Easel so it reconnected. But doing that allowed me to connect to UGS with out closing.

THANKS for the help.