Disconnecting while running?

Anyone know the fix for disconnecting while running? Been happening a lot again.

Make sure you issue a G28.1 to set your zero point before you carve. You can then disconnect or even turn off your machine and start all over when you power up again. The G28.1 saves your zero point in permanent memory…until you reset it with another command of course.

Check your pcs power settings for the USB ports. Mine has shut down usb when entering screensaver and so stoped a couple of carves

Thank you I give that a try when it shuts down again.

how do I do that?
NVM I got it

What is NVM ???

Never Mind…It still didnt work

Ok I’m lost I have all the power settings to not shut down. I made sure all wires in back are tight. It stills keeps stopping in middle of carving after 45 min or more. WHY???

There is another setting in device manager, usb root hub, allow the pc to shut down to save power…make sure that is also turned off.

Non-volatile memory = EEPROM on the Atmega328P

The G28 setting is saved across a power outage and if you home your machine then you should be able to use it for recovery. Were you thinking about something else with power loss?

If you have a dust boot while carving, static electricity will build up and can zap your connection making it seem like the carve randomly stopped due disconnection.

I had a similar problem where carves would seemingly stop midway. Sometimes while I watched others when I was nearby doing something else. I had set my zero with G28.1 but it gets old restarting an hour long carve 5 or 6 times. I was watching closely and barely heard a pop right as the carve stopped midway. Several times the carve had stopped at almost the same spot prior to this. I restarted carve… AGAIN and before the carve reached the point of no return I lightly touched the vacuum hose and there was that “pop” noise! The carve kept going and actually completed. The short term fix…touch the vaccuum hose every few minutes to discharge the built up static charge. Never had an unexpected carve stoppage since.

I’m working on a more elegant grounding solution. There is a lot of info to be found here on the Inventables forum, just trying to figure what works best for me.

Until then, I do have the magic touch…



Ok, I didn’t read the reference information correctly.


G28.1 information is always saved in EEPROM and will persist even when the machine is power cycled.

That information is only useful in recovering an interrupted carve if you did the G28.1 after you home the machine and set work zero.

For the recovery operation you have to home your machine before you use G28 to return to your saved work zero.

Are we on the same page?

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I’m dying here…NVM as used in his context…
26 AM means ‘never mind’, as in, just ignore it. LOL

Well, I’m an (old) engineer. What can I say?

I’m an engineer also. (retired)
Some people simply ASSUME that everyone knows what their acronyms mean.

And my kids point them all out to me and laugh when I use older folk’s vernacular. Times change…we gotta keep up!

Understand what you are saying but why is the program stopping the carve every project in the first place? Getting back to zero is not really the project keeping it running the complate project is the problem.

Because it loose the USB connection for a very brief period of time.
The reason it drop out can be virtually anything, or a combination of several minor issues.

The obvious places to check are:
USB/PC-manager go into sleep mode
Brushes of your Dewalt (worn down they spark more, sparks create electrical noise)
Try a air carve with Dewalt off, work ok or not?
Dont run power wires next to (in parallell) to signal wires
Make sure your USB chain have proper power, use a externally powered USB hub if need be
Fluorescent light? Try a carve with them off.

Everything but this is fine. But how I check on this usb chain you speak of.

Your USB cable is a “chain”, many have reported better noise rejection when using an externally powered USB hub in this chain. PC-USB are usually weak when it come to maximum power output.