Discord chat for makers

so… I think it would be really dope if there was a discord chat for inventible. There would be different sections like projects, x-carve, carvey, help, and much more depending on how many people really want to use this and/or think this would be a good idea.


also I think it would be cool if your bored to be able to talk to other people live who are on the chat. It doesn’t have to be a call and ideally wouldn’t be. I think a lot of cool projects might come of this and if there already is one hmu :wink: cause I would love to join it.

I use it for reddit darts league. It works very well for what we do. Im not sure how well a live chat would work for this, I feel like the forum is the correct format. Either way Discord does work.

Although it is not by inventables, I run a DIY forcused discord with ~300 members, send me a pm if you want the link, unless the mods have no issue with me posting it here.

yah i would love to check it out. If you can please pm me the link :smiley:

I’d be interested aswell

There are a lot of chat apps. I have heard of discord. I have not used it as of yet.
I would be interested in what you have to see how it is.

I don’t have permission to give it to you but pm the guy who i was talking to Rcannon95 he has it… :smiley:

I would be interested in the discord invite as well

please pm me the discord link

Did anyone ever get a Discord chat going?