Distribute text/images Tab

My sister recently purchased a Cricut machine and I was checking out her Cricut design space which is somewhat comparable to our Easel designing platform. Something I noticed right away that Cricut design space has and Easel does not… is under their arrange tab they can align and distribute text/images horizontally and vertically evenly spaced with the click of a button. On Easel I can easily align left, right and center but I cannot distribute multiple texts evenly spaced horizontally or vertical. I’ve attached the Youtube video link so that people can see the tutorial which shows this clearly about 30 seconds in…https://youtu.be/OlYb8kyppfM There have been muliple times I could have used this feature…
My question is…Can this feature be added to Easel??

There is an app that can do this, under Easel -> Apps -> Replicator

Yes I’ve used that plenty but its not the same as distribute on Cricut, that app it will only replicate. Not the same at all…watch the video I gave the link.

That would be a nice feature but unfortunately Easel doesn’t do it, You can post it under “upgrades” and suggested to the Inventables team.