DIY 2018 X-Carve 1000mm Table (FREE PLANS)

The video will show you how I built my 4’ x 5’ x 35” table for my 2018, 1000mm X-Carve machine from Inventables. I designed this table specifically for my new machine and it features a very stiff/flat torsion box top. It also has a large roll-out tray underneath. This build is entirely plywood, and I used approximately 4 sheets of ¾” cabinet grade ply for most of it. The top is ¾” A/C Ext. Fir – only because I already had it.

The drawings I offer in pdf are not what I would call “complete” as they do not contain all the notes and dimensions I might normally include when I put out plans for the general public. This is because I produced these for myself to use as a general guide while working in the shop, and I did not need a fully complete set of drawings. That being said, a savvy person should easily be able to figure out how to build this type of table without the additional information I might normally include, simply by watching the video and then comparing the video with the drawings. Sorry – there is no materials list or cut list included here.

The configuration and dimensions used were determined by the size and dimensions of my new, Inventables 1000mm X-Carve machine space requirements. The small size of my shop requires all equipment to be mobile, and that’s why I built the table with locking swivel casters.

The following items were purchased from Harbor Freight Tools: (4) 3” locking swivel casters. I don’t have the item number, but they are typically $3.99 each. (3) 1-1/2” swivel casters, item #41519. (16) 5/8” roller ball bearings, item #’s 37032 or 482017.

Construction took place using Kreg pocket hole screws, Titebond II wood glue, and a variety of 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2” deck screws.

Free Plans Download

Table Build Video


Very nice table, and I love the torsion box top!
Add a few drawers, and it’d be about perfect!

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Thanks AlAmantea!

I purposely left out any additions such as shelves, cabinet doors,drawers, etc. as everyone has different needs. I just left the space open, figuring that the person building the table can add whatever features will best suit their needs. In my case, I added the large slide-out tray that will hold a dedicated dust collection system. I may add other features in the future as I have a need for them.

sorry if i missed it, but what’s the projected cost of that?

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Thanks for your question, xfredericox. You didn’t miss anything. I didn’t specifically go out and buy materials for the build other than the casters and bearings from Harbor Freight, as I already had everything I needed in my shop. Figure at least 4 sheets of 3/4" plywood at whatever cost the plywood is, depending on the type/quality you choose to use. After that there are screws (I didn’t count the number I used) and I’m guessing you would need a couple of 100 count boxes of Kreg 1-1/4" course screws, probably a 1 pound box of 1-1/4" deck screws, and handful each of 1-1/2" & 2" deck screws. Just under a pint of wood glue is my guess as far as the glue goes (I buy it in gallon jugs - used Titebond II for this build. (I buy Kreg screws in bulk too - have a 5000 count box of them). The 3" casters were $3.99 each but I got them for less with Harbor Freight discount coupons. The small casters for the slide out tray were 1.99 each and I used 3 of them. The 5/8" ball bearings set in mounts were only 99 cents each and they too, were from Harbor Freight (I used 16 of them). I’m guessing you can build this (low end) for around $200.00 or maybe a little less. You can spend a lot more if you want to buy a high-end plywood - a lot of the total you spend depends on how you shop and your personal choice of materials.

This is not the the most inexpensive way to build a table for the 1000mm X-Carve, but I wanted to have a table that was dimensionally stable (hence the all plywood construction), and I wanted a very stiff, super flat surface (torsion box top). The casters were incorporated because my requirements for a mobile table are essential.

I applied some water-based polyurethane earlier today to seal the plywood surfaces, and I just began to assemble my X-Carve.

well good luck with that :sunglasses: