DIY Wasteboard

I just finished and uploaded my newest video on designing and making a wasteboard at home! I will post an official write up tonight in the projects section of Inventables with detailed instructions and pictures. For now here is the video!


Great job @TravisLucia, I was just thinking about putting a “bump stop” on my X-Carve today. When you mentioned about cutting past the corner, were you able to do this on the X-Carve? eg. cut past 0,0?

In the video description I included a link to the bump stop file in easel. I made the decision to move my zero point up and over a few inches.

Oh I see now, I don’t know how I fell about sacrificing precious work area! You’ll have to let us know how it goes!

You could do the same at absolute zero and then just remove the inside corner with a palm router or drill and forsner bit. In fact I may do that myself!

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Ya, I was thinking of drilling a hole and then getting the X-Carve to trim the edges to get a nice fit.

If you use a 1/4" end mill and start at 0,0 and cut to X max your stop is now at Y -.125" If you then start a 0,0 and cut to Y max your stop is now at X -.125" If you use a .375" forstner drill at 0,0 you will have a corner with no radius to give you problems.
If you make your fence from 3/8" material you can use 1/4" MDF under your work so you are not cutting into your table and do not need to change it when it gets all scared up.


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I haven’t received my X-Carve yet (hopefully tomorrow, fingers crossed). It makes sense that the 0,0 is actually the center if the spindle rather than the side of the endmill, I do have a 1/4" endmill at home, so this will probably be the route I take.

Looked at the video. Could you tell me what size is your xcarve table. Thanks

It is 4’ x 5’ and I have a video on how to build it over on my YouTube channel!

Nice job. I was determined to have my shapeoko create the holes in my waste board. I cut the waste board to size and dropped it in. Then I used a 1/8 bit and easel to set up my hole pattern. It could only drill half before I hit the end stops. So I flipped the waste board around and drilled the other half. Not to bad. And if you can save bucks on shipping; I would easily do it again.