DIY X-Carve Work Table

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to share with you a video of my work table that I made for my x-carve 1000mm x1000mm.
You can build this for $100 bucks give or take a few bucks. I bought a 4’ x 8’ 3/4" sheet of MDF and made my own waste bad and this work table out of the one sheet with a little left over. I think the black stand and mobile unit makes it all match the x-carve. So go to this link and let me know your thoughts. I’ll ad a few photos later.


Nice cart, much cheaper than mine and probably a lot more portable too. Well done!

Very clean work. great design. Only I can say is, that Top MDF board will be warped in short period of time. You have only center support. Wish to see some edge to edge support bars underneath. M2c.

Thanks Robert for taken a look. New to CNC, just finished putting my x-carve together and made some cuts this past weekend. Still learning the software part of all this. Been watching a lot of youtube videos and how to stuff. Thanks again for the reply…

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Coincidentally, I bought that same HF stand for my X-Carve last weekend and just ran across your post this morning. HF has it for $29 for Inside Track Club members.
I was thinking of a similar design, but maybe using 3/4 plywood instead of MDF. Also, I drilled 3/8" holes in the feet to mount locking casters directly.
Just noticed your YouTube username - are you in Louisiana?

Yes I am in Louisiana. I live in Covington. I put my x carve together and my first carve there was a problem and I readjusted all the wheels and I turned up the trim pot on the y axis 1/8 of a turn clockwise and I haven’t looked back since that time. My machine has been running perfect except when I am the one to make a mistake. Glad you liked the table. I put 2 shelves under it for my battery backup system and a small shop vac. Soon I’ll have my computer under there as well.
Thanks for your comment.

Ps: Since I used mdf on my design of this bench it is a good idea to shellac both sides of the board to seal it from moisture and cut down on any warping. So far I have had none.

Very nice. It wasn’t until I saw your video that I realized that I installed the lower cross-braces upside down! I’m in Head of Island, near French Settlement. I just started assembling my X-Carve this week - probably won’t make much progress until after the holidays.

So we are almost neighbors, I do work in Baton Rouge. I built my carve in two days and I have been running it ever since. It has been great, I made and sold a number of gifts to co workers that they used for christmas. I’ve made more than half the price of my carve back in the past few weeks and folks are still placing orders. Some of my carve designs take more than 6 hours to cut because of the size of the project. So my machine has been running pretty steady. Should you have any questions, let me know and I’ll see if I can answer them for you. Have a great christmas…

do you see any issues with the amount of overhang on the base points? I was considering a similar stand setup but opted to build a custom cabinet in order to support vertically at the edge/corners because I was seeing the table rock when the router was hurtling around on a similar style base.

To clarify - I’m not speaking to the overhang deflecting but rather the stand rocking or being under supported at the extreme edges during milling.

Hey TimothyWood,
I have had no problems with the amount of overhang. The bottom of the table has a 2 inch x 3/4" spacer between the stand and the tabletop which adds more support and half way from the stand and table edge there is another 2" wide x 3/4" thick frame that goes around the table as well. They are mounted together with a number of pocket holes which makes for a strong joint and support brace. I get no movement of the table top during a job.

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@JeffTaylor thank you for the follow up - I saw the bracing and figured that would be more than ample to support the board from deflection. I was thinking more top heavy and wobble the base might incur from the mill quickly traveling long distance or milling at the edges due to vibration.